Tips to manage incontinence in people with dementia.

In the last article, we discussed what is incontinence and the causes, in this article today we have some tips on how you as caregivers can manage it.

  • If medications are the cause or risk factor of incontinence, consult the doctor regarding the side effects and what measures could be taken.
  • To help maintain a healthy bladder in patients with dementia is to make sure they avoid caffeine, liquids before bed, spicy food, consume plenty of fiber to avoid constipation, and regular exercise.
  • Pads, adult pull-up pants, or liners but make sure to wash their skin regularly as constant exposure to moisture can increase the bacterial build-up.
  • To reduce incontinence accidents at home make sure the path to the bathroom is obstacle-free, well lit, close to their bed or sitting place, so they can reach the bathroom within ten to fifteen seconds.
  • One thing to keep in mind if your loved ones experience incontinence is to be respectful of their privacy, speak or address the issue in a calm tone and respectful manner, and always avoid scolding or being disrespectful to the person.