Family Caregiver’s Support

Caring for someone with dementia can be challenging both physically and emotionally.But in spite of difficulties, many are taking responsibility and taking care with all their heart of their loved ones. Caring for complex disease
like dementia is full of challenges and for the caregiver, each day brings up a new challenge.Dementia support groups is everyone can relate to each other because they are somewhat facing the same situation, they can connect to each other which itself is helpful. Such meet helps them to understand that they are not alone going through this .

In this support group, Caregivers use this as platform to share their experiences of caregiving. Carers mentioned they felt less lonely when they interacted with other carers going through similar journey. They felt motivated
by hearing other caregivers stories, they shared what challenges they are facing, resources that were helpful.hat has worked for them, what works and what doesn’t; they learn through each
other’s experiences and what it helps in making the process less difficult.
Professionals working in the area of dementia (Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Dementia
Heath care specialists) were facilitating the support group meeting which helped caregivers to
put their questions, doubts and difficulties in front of them. People can have various
misconceptions, myths and incorrect information about dementia which can actually affect
caregiving. Here professionals can answer all these questions and dispel their misconceptions.
Support groups also help caregivers to understand how important is caring for self is
important and how they can enjoy caregiving. Today, professionals (Clinical psychologist and
Dementia care consultant) discussed Music therapy for a person with dementia. Professionals
helped them to understand what music therapy is, how they can use it and how it will be
effective for the person they loved as well as for them as a caregiver. Some of them shared their
experiences (as some of them were already using it) which gave others an idea about it. This
support group was very helpful for these caregivers to resolve their queries, doubts and
misconceptions related to dementia and help them to be prepared for effective caring for their
loved ones as well as for themselves.

When : Every first Friday of the month.

Venue: Holy Family Hospital, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

Event Guided by Dr Charles Pinto (Psychiatrist),

Facilitators: Amrita Patil Pimpale (Dementia care consultant) , Priyanka Kartari (Clinical Psychologist)


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